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    My name is Dennis Guth. I’m 56 and have lived on a farm North of Klemme all of my life.  I have a degree in Agricultural Mechanization from Iowa State University and have been married to my wife, Margaret, for 33 years.  We have five children and one grandchild with one on the way.  I have served served on many boards in the area and currently am an Elder at the Evangelical Free Church of Britt and secretary of the board at the Family Leader.  Thank you for visiting our site!  If you still have questions after reviewing the information here please feel free to contact me directly at 641-430-0424 or by email at Dennis@GuthForSenate.com.

    Thank you for your interest!


  • Look for the Guth Team on the 4th!

    It is definitely parade season in Iowa.  The Guth Team will be spread out in four different cities on the fourth of July in the following parades:

    • Armstrong
    • Bancroft
    • Belmond
    • Buffalo Center

    Look for our signs and for our volunteers in the blue shirts.  You may see the Hanson family riding their unicycles in support of our campaign.  Their famous saying is, “If you think we have good balance riding our unicycles, you ought to see Dennis balance a state budget!”

    We plan to be in the Eagle Grove parade on the 11th in support of the Wright County Fair.  Be sure to wave us down for a visit.

  • Guth Announces Election Bid for Senate Dist. 4


    Guth Files Papers for Senate Dist. 4

    Guth Files Papers for Senate Dist. 4

    Dennis Guth Announces Election Bid
    for Senate District 4

    KLEMME– Republican Candidate for Iowa Senate District 4 Dennis Guth, a family farmer from Klemme, officially filed his nomination papers this week with the office of Iowa Secretary of State to run for election to the Iowa Senate. Guth will run in Senate District 4, which includes all of Emmet, Kossuth, Hancock, Winnebago and Wright Counties in North Central Iowa.

    Guth’s goal is to protect the liberties and rights of the people of Iowa. “When our government has a good moral base and respects the constitution, we create an environment that is stable and predictable. This will remove barriers to growth, promote jobs, and allow Iowans to pass on the greatness of Iowa’s culture to their grandchildren.”

    Raised on his family’s farm in rural Klemme, Guth graduated from Klemme High School in 1973 and Iowa State University in 1977. Guth has served on church boards, Klemme Area Development Organization, Hancock County Pork Producers, Hancock County Farm Bureau, and the Family Leader/ Iowa Family Policy Center. He has been precinct chair of the Ell Township Republicans since 1994 and has also served numerous times as county and state delegate. He is currently serving on the Britt Evangelical Free Church elder board and is active in LUV IA, a grassroots organization promoting traditional marriage.

    Guth will work to reduce the power and scope of unelected bureaucracies and defend Iowans from excessive taxation while striving to balance the budget. He commented “When we take the fetters off independent business, they will produce a profit. The result is more jobs and a growing economy.”

    “Candidate Guth embraces the traditional values that many Iowans hold dear. We need this type of statesman in Des Moines to defend our liberties and promote justice,” said Tom Shaw, Representative in the Iowa House.

    Guth has been married to Margaret for 33 years and they have five children, two of whom are married, one engaged to be married, one in college and the youngest graduating from high school this spring. They are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.

    “I look forward to bringing my traditional values and common sense approach to problems in the public service arena. My goal is to restore the values that made this state great and provide a healthy environment in which to raise our children and grandchildren,” he concluded.

  • Let's Get Together!

    The Guth campaign believes in productivity. Two farmers exchanging tools can get more work done with less. Building relationships, establishing connections and collaborating are key elements to the productive solution of problems.  In order to develop the relationships and connections necessary for us to solve the problems we face today Dennis is hosting a number of small local events throughout the district.  The goal is to offer the opportunity for constituents to share their expectations, to build and verify trustworthiness, to collaborate in the solution of the problems we all face and to expand the development of accountability in our government.

    Dennis invites you to participate in any of these local events:

    Dec 1st 7:00-8:30 – Renwick/Goldfield Event – Don and Sharon Tammen Residence 102 York Renwick, Iowa 515-824-3318  tammen@wmtel.net

    Dec 6th 7:00-8:30 – Kanawha Event – Brad and Miriam Leckrone Residence 1485 110th St Kanawha, Iowa 50447  515-681-6947 brad@ugohunt.com

    Dec 13th 7:00-8:30 – Galt/Dows Event – Stan and Pam Watne Residence 2625 Sycamore Ave Galt Iowa, 50101 515-852-4593 swatne@speednet.net

    Dec 15th - Belmond – Bob and Charlene Nelson Residence 1590 Union Ave. Belmond, Iowa 50422 515-571-9299 bc_nelson@yahoo.com

    Feb 16th – Estherville – John and Julie Clark Residence 933 4th St. North Estherville, Iowa 51334 712-362-4854 evilleclarks@hotmail.com

    Feb 24th – Ledyard – Mr and Mrs. Stenzel of Stenzel Campers 4701 Hwy 169 Elmore, Mn 1-888-481-3204

    Mar 6th – Des Moines – Dennis will be filing his papers as an official candidate for Senate District 4 at the capital building.

    Mar 7th – Goldfield – Commercial Club Mtg at the Cheese mart in Goldfield Iowa

    Mar 10th – County Convention Mtgs – Dennis will be stopping in at the various county convention Mtgs.  I hope to see you there!

    Mar 20th – Des Moines – Join Dennis at the marraige rally at the Captial Building in Des Moines.  Need a ride?  Contact us!

    Mar 26th – Algona – Kossuth County Republican’s Meeting

    Mar 31st – Friends of the NRA

    More events coming to your area soon…

  • Iowa Caucuses Jan 3rd

    Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nominating process for President of the United States.   The Iowa caucuses are an event where Iowan’s meet in precinct caucuses in all of Iowa’s 1784 precincts and elect delegates to the corresponding county conventions. There are 99 counties in Iowa and thus 99 conventions. These county conventions then select delegates for both Iowa’s Congressional District Convention and the State Convention, which eventually choose the delegates for the presidential nominating conventions (the national conventions). The 2012 Iowa Caucuses are scheduled to take place on January 3, 2012.  Let’s not take this responsibility lightly…

    We hope to see you at the January 3rd Iowa Caucuses!

  • Time for a Parade!

    Dennis has been very busy participating in district parades.  So far he has attended or been represented in Armstrong, Belmond, Eagle Grove and Scarville.  He has been invited to the Lake Mills parade July 9th and Dennis’ wife Margarete will be in the Garner parade that same day.  Look for Dennis in a parade near you and be sure to stop him and visit for a while.

    See you at the parade!

    See you at the parade!

  • Emmet County Republican Meeting

    Dennis met with the Emmet County Republicans on June 28th for a question and answer time.

    Emmet County Republicans

    Dennis at the Emmet Co Rep Mtg

    Emmet County Republicans